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November 23rd was the shops last day but don't shed a tear, we went out in style with chili and beer! It was one more shindig and then it was all in the books, we iced down the kegs and rallied the cooks! The beer flowed before the doors finally shut, we hung by the fire and filled up our gut!   It has been a great 8 years but it is time to move on to new opportunities and adventures! We have had a blast and built some great friendships along the way. We appreciate everyone supporting us and the shop. It's been a great run!

Louis Vuitton was born in 1930, which implemented the tourism as a core value of the design purposes, as travel bags debut. Louis Vuitton's original name was to be called the Express, inspired by the rapid development of modern transport and fast-paced approach to life. Louis Vuitton launched originally only 30 cm size models, in 1965, commissioned by louis vuitton outlet Audrey Hepburn founder Henry Louis Vuitton customized specifically for her a more compact and lightweight travel bag, she can easily carry, so now regarded as a classic of the Louis Vuitton 25 was born.

One can imagine that when Audrey carrying a compact, more sensation when coming out of the airport a unique cheap louis vuitton , she not only elegant and charming, is a pioneer in a unique fashion. Since then, Louis Vuitton handbags on board the timeless classic altar, became the dream of every Louis Vuitton bag models customer rush. Although Audrey's blessing, but the real reason for the high popularity of Louis Vuitton is ultimately practical and classic design. cheap louis vuitton outlet body as the famous Monogram print design, checkered Damier canvas as a material, the overall profile of leather roll bar stereotypes, both to avoid squeezing retaining the smooth lines, brass padlock design stems from the end of the authentic louis vuitton zipper antique bag demand for travel safety, these are the most classic Louis Vuitton design symbols.

Five Strategies to teach you to identify Louis Vuitton

1. Look No: a piece of paper plates with a unique ID number on the same louis vuitton outlet belts interior lining, if it is a custom style will have specific production number.

2. Check sutures: Each Louis Vuitton are sewn by hand, so the body of the suture package presents a uniform, orderly and meticulous arrangement. Special sutures made of elastic fibers good, you can see the lines shaped wicker.

3. Resolution Luster: metal parts also is one of Louis Vuitton's status symbol, zipper, bottom of the nest nails and other metal parts are rendered dull bronze metallic, Zeng light must shine for fakes!

4. touch pattern: no matter how clever counterfeit technology, Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern texture is still unable to obtain by simple copy, delicate texture with louis vuitton outlet bags a uniform distribution of brown particles, feel convex.

5. Smell: Although Louis Vuitton canvas as the production of materials, but the genuine Louis Vuitton will emit a special leather smell, although only to distinguish between true and false scent not everyone can do it, but there is an experienced expert Wen will be able to identify.

The new Louis Vuitton handbags have irresistible attraction that is the first thing should be familiar lines of the louis vuitton outlet online design, smooth and soft material with a unique brand of metal accessories. The new Louis Vuitton handbags perfect combination of luxury and practical, with a detachable, adjustable package with the design to make it more flexible, lightweight, no matter in hand, elbow, shoulder or destroyed equally comfortable. Generous interior space for the louis vuitton outlet handbags use of fleece inside calf, a large zip pocket and cell phone pocket reasonable distribution package structure, while according to the daily needs easily accommodate A4 documents and laptops, powerful functionality make women the perfect response to each kinds of occasions.

The louis vuitton outlet store also invited the Italian fashion blogger Clare Farah Gurney (Chiara Ferragni) shoot for Louis Vuitton handbags latest ad large, sweet Farah Gurney Clare (Chiara Ferragni) in the jungle, the original wild, cafиж and other occasions, the perfect interpretation of Louis Vuitton brand new Louis Vuitton handbags.





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